Thursday, August 30, 2012

DeLonghi Coffee Maker Review

There are plenty of coffee makers to select from, such as those from Krups, Gaggia, Cuisinart, DeLonghi, Mr.Coffee etc.
So what exactly is unique about a DeLonghi Coffee Maker and precisely why should your next machine come from this manufacturer?

To discover why Delonghi & coffee are synonymous we need to go back in History.
The DeLonghi brand name dates back more than a hundred years ago to Treviso, Italy. It was during the 1970′s and 80′s that DeLonghi produced many new home electric devices which have been marketed around the world. It was these types of products that allowed us to first become acquainted with the DeLonghi brand name.

The design philosophy of DeLonghi is to develop elegance in everyday objects such as coffee makers.
The rich heritage of Italian style is very evident in both the early and modern coffee makers they created.
A gorgeous design generates an emotional reaction which in turn leads to the elevation of expectation.
Just by looking at a DeLonghi coffee maker arouses the expectation of a great cup of coffee.

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For example, a DeLonghi espresso machine is tried rigorously in order to assure it will create thousands of fantastic cups of coffee.
At their own factory, in Treviso Italy, you will discover a department entirely devoted to testing and ensuring coffee maker performance.

Numerous different coffee makers have been created by DeLonghi using these principles.These range from the simple Moka type machines, through espresso, Nespresso System, Steam, Combination and Superautomatic versions. Certainly, whatever your taste in coffee, you are sure to find a device for your needs at DeLonghi.

The Brand Mission of DeLonghi is to “Anticipate, identify, study and understand the needs of the consumer, to be always ahead in what we do.”
Heritage, design philosophy, invention, quality and above all else ability to consistently produce wonderful cups of coffee.
Characteristics like these are the factors why you ought to be buying a DeLonghi Coffee Maker next.

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