Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Crystal Table Lamps

Taking proper care of crystal table lamps is a breeze, if you make sure to take certain precautions. You definitely don't want to cause damage to the delicate crystal because you lacked sufficient knowledge.

The kind of crystal table lamps you've bought is the first thing to consider. If it's higher-quality crystal that has been developed in the last few years, it might have been designed with a surface that repels dust. This kind of crystal doesn't need to be cleaned that often. Any other kind of crystal will probably need to be properly cleaned every month, to ensure it stays looking its best.

The way to tell when crystal needs cleaning is the amount of light being refracted through it. A clean crystal will refract light almost effortlessly, with a certain clarity and brilliance. This takes a keen eye to notice, because it's actually quite subtle.

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It's good to have a certain image in mind of what pristine crystal is supposed to resemble and compare this with your crystal table lamps. If it doesn't match up, then it's time to clean it. You need to have a good cleaning fluid, however. A standard one is a combination of three parts distilled water and one part isopropyl alcohol. If you want to use any other chemical, you'll want to check with the lamp manufacturer or else you could inadvertently damage the crystal.

You will pour the cleaning solution onto one hand of cotton gloves that you'll be wearing and then manually clean the crystal with your hands. Your dry hand will quickly wipe away the areas you've cleaned immediately.

Wearing gloves is important because it prevents you from leaving fingerprints on the crystal, which can just make it dirtier. Lastly, because your hands will be wet, you want to keep them far away from any of the electrical components of the lamp.

Taking the time to clean your crystal is something you won't regret. It is a truly unique, brilliant sight to see clear, sparkling crystal. This level of maintenance can help crystal table lamps last for a very long time. It's no doubt that crystal is the type of material that draws attention towards it when people enter a room.

Crystal table lamps are a symbol of elegance that will make any room that much more appealing. Try imagining the difference between a clouded crystal that barely lets light through its opaque surface and a brilliantly clear crystal that sparkles and makes light dance across the room in a fully array of colors. The former is just some dull piece of furniture in your house that provides illumination. The other is almost a piece of artwork.

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If I'm correct in my assumption, you want crystal to have this brilliance. You don't want it to be faded and dull. You want it to help light up a room and make an attractive centerpiece. If this is true, then it makes perfect sense to take the time every now and then to really clean your crystal properly so that it performs the way you envisioned it on the day that you bought it.